Clean Sweep of Dayton


Protect the Image of Your Property

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Dayton, TN. We specialize in commercial street sweeping services. We also offer property management services including lighting replacements, pothole repairs, and water quality management. As a full-service street sweeping and cleanup company, we work with everyone from property managers to community planners.

Environmental Concerns of Runoff

Every day, thousands of vehicles pass through Dayton, Tennessee and leave behind toxic waste in the form of urban runoff. This runoff is a slurry of vehicle emissions, chemicals, and compounds that end up soaking into the soil to be carried into local streams. Without removal, the material ends up in drinking water sources.

An effective environmental solution that is equally economical is commercial street sweeping. Professional street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, retail sweeping, and road milling sweeping services, reduces runoff throughout our community.

Clean Sweep = Clean Streets + Clean Streams

Clean Sweep of Dayton offers full service street sweeping services. We also provide comprehensive property maintenance and landscaping that covers everything from ADA compliant signage to lighting replacements.

Let our team help improve the quality of your property with street sweeping at Clean Sweep of Dayton. Contact our Office at 423-877-9192 for a quote for services.